Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Numbers Book

I wanted to create something with my daughter (3yrs) that would help her to identify numbers in quantities. Since she has been ruthless in her quest to get me to make her "her very own scrapbook" I thought we could make a scrapbook of sorts to help with her number recognition.

I used a box from cereal to make the book. I cut and measured each piece and (per her request) tied it up with ribbon. 

The book size is 3.5 x 3.5. I covered each page with good old construction paper and used a scrap of ribbon I had lying around.  I purchased a couple sheets of $.97 stickers and cut them out to the quantities needed for each page. 

She had so much fun counting the stickers for each page and just loves her new *scrapbook*. She immediately put it on her desk (the stairs) :)

I let her put the stickers on first, then I wrote the numbers in the book. She had so much and it is something she really likes, which will keep her interest. That's always perfect! :-)

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