Friday, May 6, 2011

Just Grab It By The Head!

while making dinner this evening, i hear my hubby say to our son, "just make sure you grab it by the head". 

ummm...just what are we grabbing by the head?


he loves to go outside and dig for bugs, creatures, buried treasure...

he just never expected to find this...

i have lost many containers to critters and creatures

slugs, snails, salamanders, frogs, huge millipedes, a baby raccoon...

but this is a first.

he was thrilled at his unexpected find

and he thinks he's going to keep him as a pet...

i've got news for ya buddy...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Unstructurally Structured

Hey y'all, Ashley here from Our Daily Chocolate. So, a little out of my norm, usually I'm bloggin' about some craft or busy making earrings...but today I'm talkin' school.

I homeschool my 2 children {ages 8 and 4}. I started homeschooling from the very beginning, and I have been lovin' every step of this journey! 

Though a few times I have considered dreamed thought about what life would be like if my littles left the house for school {can anyone say clean laundry!}

I love that I get to be home and raise them up and mold their wonderfully smart minds!

We just recently moved so I do not have any fun "where do you school" pics. Besides, we school just about anywhere. 

{When we're not busy being animal rescuers...}

We do alot of work at the library. We are typically there 4-5 days a week. It really helps that the library is within walking distance, like 3 minutes down the road distance {hello gym!}. 

 {Notice the magnifying glass? We study nature on our walks, like how, in nature, boys can't take normal pictures with their sisters}

The librarians know us very well. When something new comes in, they set it aside for us! Talk about service!!
This year I purchased a ready made curriculum from Calvert. I really like it. We're more of the unschooling type, but I also love/thrive/desperately need structure. 

{or we'll do this all day}

{don't mind the junk in the background, they don't!}

I have a few essentials that are a must when it comes to schooling my kiddos. I have to have a chalk board/dry erase board {and not those little itty bitty things), a timer, chocolate, and a big cup of coffee! Oh yes, we cannot 'do school' unless mama has her chocolate and coffee, oh, er and those other things.

There isn't much more to our schooling, we are an unstructurally structured unschooling curriculum using bunch!

I would love to hear if any of you are unschoolers, or which curriculum you use. Please feel free to stop by my blog, find me on Facebook, or connect with me on Twitter and share with me!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Craft Ideas

In the mood to craft something Fall Inspired? 

Here are a few great ideas to get you started.

Tissue Pack Holders

 Felt Pencil Cases

Fabric Pumpkins

Oak Leaf Bowl

Felt Slippers

Felt Pumpkin People

Fall Decorating Ideas

I am so pumped about decorating for Fall. It's my absolute favorite season. However, I have yet to unpack my Fall items from our move this spring. So I am feasting on The Nester and her wonderful goodies, at least until I get mine unpacked.

{pic by: The Nester}

I just love her style! But really, who doesn't!? She has so many more ideas listed in her post. 

In love with this! Must go dig out my urns, mine are black, but I think will still look nice like this.

This could easily be re-created using any hurricane you have on hand. The supplies are free, just look in your very own backyard. Thank you God for creating such beauty!! 

I love using a Cornucopia in my Fall decor. I usually have a medium-ish sized one on display. But I think I may go smaller this year.

I am loving this too! Fall colors and pumpkins get me every time!

 And what would Fall be without a little Halloween decor? These are just darling!!

And this beauty? My first crafted Fall item of the season. I love it! 

Ok, I really have to dig my Fall Decor out of those boxes now! Have you begun your Fall/Halloween decorating yet?