Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Bible Study

Along with my SIL and some friends, we have started a women's bible study/devotion gathering. I call it a gathering because we just gather all together like one big happy family. We started 1 week ago. There are 4 of us. It's Wonderful! :-)

Last week we started in Habakkuk and found that God lead us all to read Jeremiah during the week as well. So, this week, we are reading Jeremiah 1-5 (and anything else we are lead to read).

I would love it if you would join us. I will be posting our favorite scriptures of our assigned reading and anything that God has done in our week. Also, we will will be discussing the assigned reading.

I hope you join us here at Hullabaloo Home for a time of refreshing, learning, growth, and friendship. Remember, read Jeremiah 1-5 and meet back here Friday afternoon to "hear" what happened. You will then have a chance to share God's work in your week in the comments section and Mr. Linky will be joining us so you can link to your blog post as well.

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