Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Decor: Wreath Edition

Wreaths have a wonderful way of ringing in the new season. What I love most about them is their diversity. You can make wreath look however you like and still bring Christmas Cheer! Here are some ideas for you to consider when making your wreath this year.

Snowball Wreath
Perfect for little ones to help make, just hot glue fuzzy white pom-poms to styrofoam or cardboard bases and you have a very festive winter wreath.

Pretty Bow Wreath
Start with a Styrofoam base and wrap with a 2" ribbon. Hot Glue ribbons until completely covered. Beautiful.

Making Memories Wreath
This is perfect to give as a gift (especially for grandparents). Make frames out of wrapping paper or painted popsicle sticks and glue to an evergreen wreath. Add colourful bulbs and you have a gift worth hanging every year.

Cinnamon Stick Wreath
Cover a styrofoam base with 2" ribbon and hot glue cinnamon sticks until completely covered. This can make a wonderful room air-freshener as well!

Buttoned-Up Wreath
I am looking forward to making this one! This is perfect if you have a huge button stash, and it is perfect for little ones as well. Start with a cardboard base and hot glue buttons until you like the look. Use different colours that match your decor or strong colours to make a bold statement.

Snowy Pine cone Wreath
Scavenge your backyard or neighbourhood for those perfect pine cones. Spray with flocking and this baby will be ready to welcome winter with open arms.

(photos, ball wreath martha)


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

I want to make all of them!!!

M ^..^

T D said...

I did a "wreath Edition" on my blog too! Great minds think alike!!


Elyse said...

what a great compilation! the pom pom wreath is very cute and looks very do-able. thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway! happiest new year to you!