Friday, August 22, 2008

Awaiting Fall

I am patiently awaiting the fall weather. It has been rather warm this week and I am in need of some cool crisp air. Ok, so I know it's still August, but we had such a teaser last week. Temps were the low 70's and it was so cold at night! :) How I wish Fall would just grace us with her presence (or His-not really sure). 

While I am waiting for fall I thought it would be fun to give you some ideas for Pumpkins this year. Always good to be prepared for the season right? These are all alternatives to carving. We don't generally carve pumpkins b/c we don't really celebrate Halloween. My children will go for candy down one street in our neighborhood but that's about it. We also do not dress in scary costumes. Last year my son was a fighter pilot with a homemade airplane (wearable) and my daughter was a cupcake princess :)

So, without further ado, here are some ideas for you to entertain (while waiting for fall-can you tell I'm anxious?).

Address Pumpkins
I heart urns so much and how sweet do these perfect pumkins look all nestled together? What a welcoming sight after leaf raking, or apple picking.

Another Address Option
I love the sweet delicate etching in the pumpkins here. If you like to carve pumpkins but want them to last longer, this is a great alternative.

Pumpkin Candle Holder
This makes for such a beautiful centerpiece. Be it for the dining table or your entryway. this is sure to get lots of attention (and smell really good to).

Winter Frost
This is such a pretty sight, especially when the weather starts to really chill. Keep this around your home and it's sure to put you in a festive mood.

Pumpkin Ballerina
Here's something fun for the kids. Just gather pretty stackable pumpkins, some twigs, black (or other color) tulle, and some markers. These little guys (or girls) will make a very nice welcome to friends and family. And the children will have a blast making them!

I heart Urns
Another pretty urn full of Pumpkin magic. Paint and decorate, add your address, or embelish with natures gifts for a special touch. Everyone is sure to enjoy this display.

Floral Pumpkins
I love this idea! Not only does it allow me to display those perfect pumpkins (from a long days searching) but I am also able to display the rich color found in falls flowers! this idea will most certainly be implemented this year.

Little Beauties
This idea is perfect for all those mini pumpkins your minis want to bring home. This is a creative idea to showcase your little ones treasures. And it will make a wonderful addition to your mantel.

So there you have it. Some wonderful ideas to put to good use this fall. If you create any of these ideas I would love to see them. email them to me so that they can be featured her on Le Chic Feathered Nest! Look forward to hearing from you. 

(photos courtesy bhg)

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