Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's All About Acorns

During the Fall season I really like to decorate with items found outdoors. It's beautiful to look at and so cheap to do. And who doesn't like inexpensive decorating! My favorite thing this year has been the beloved Acorn. For some reason, I can't get enough of them. I have dragged my children outside everyday for the past 2 weeks collecting acorns. The first couple of times it was REALLY fun, then it was "Acorns?! AGAIN!?!". I just can't help my self. I have so many plans for those little guys.

With homeschooling and the 'usual' homemaker stuff plus Church stuff, I have been too busy to create my fun decorations. But I found some really great ideas that I think you would really enjoy. So take a look at the pictures and get inspired!!!

Acorn and leaf stamped pillow cases. Not only Incredibly Adorable, but also very cheap to do. Find some pillow cases and the thrift store and have fun decorating!

There is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book and a steaming cup of (homemade) hot chocolate. Why not take some of those too cute acorns and create a perfect seasonal page marker? This little bit of outdoor treasure is sure to make a big impact indoors for the season.

I love to bake. More than I do cooking. Which doesn't say much because I don't like to cook. But I REALLY like to bake. When I saw this ADORABLE mold, My insides clenched and I squealed with delight! No, really! I did!! How cute would these little acorn muffins look in a decorated basket on your kitchen table? These would be gobbled up faster than you can say "Happy Fall".

Another inexpensive way to add some color and season to your home is by embellishing something you already have, such as dish towels. These are the cutest things. These little button embellishments may be little, but they welcome fall in a big way!

This is my favorite idea! I saw this and knew that I was going to make it! I have plenty of acorns and ribbon and moss! I am so excited to make this one. Another idea I had was to make mini wreaths and hang them on the backs of my dining chairs. My children are very excited to make those ones. This is a decoration that can easily be carried all the way through Thanksgiving and into the Christmas season! How very versatile is that? And for mere pennies you can create this cute piece. All you need is some cardboard, acorns, moss, and ribbon. Oh, and your trusty Hot Glue Gun!

Speaking of which, I am interested to know. Does anybody out there name their hot glue gun? Nutty question, I know. But I don't think I could survive without mine and so I thought it would be appropriate if she were named (yes, she). Her name is Olivia, and I adore her! :-) She is pink too!

So tell me, have you named yours yet?

(photos: BHG, Country Living)

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Tracey said...

HAHA! YES I have named my HGG!! Her name is HOTTIE!! check out my post about her:
Love the blog...will be back!