Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Headboard Lovin'

I have been drooling over some headboards recently while looking for inspiration for my own. There are so many beauties out there. How is a girl to decide?!

In an ode to my love for headboards I have decided to share some with you here. These are all great DIY projects and super simple. (photos courtesy bhg and diy)

I am seriously drooling over this room. I think this is the one. My heart almost stopped when this photo came up!!

This is an old door painted and turned on it's side. I heart this one too!

Two big cushions-super comfy for reading or watching t.v.

Picket Fence HDBD-this would be too cute for a little girls room

I like this canopy-may have to do this for DD.

Ok, I have to tell you (or rather admit) that I was recently shopping and missed a "vision" opportunity. I saw something very similar to this at a yard sale for just a few dollars ($3 to be exact) but didn't buy it because I had no clue what I would do with it. It would have looked funny over a doorway in my home. Of course, now I can come up with a  million ideas!!! Grrr...

This is my 3rd fav! So Loverly!!!!

How neat-o is this?! It's a painted stencil of a hdbd.

So is this one! And I totally Heart this one!!!

Very nifty way to fill neg space! Choose your fav fabric or colors to match the room. Cover some plywood and you have a Very easy hdbd.

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